Our Goal?

To extend our services beyond our products and to build timeless relationships with our patients. We strive to be the best, by giving the best services.

About Us

Oosthuizen Human & Kilian is home to Orthotists and Prosthetists Reon Oosthuizen, Corne Human and Tiaan Kilian. Their extensive range of knowledge and passion for the industry has led them to expand their field and implement a lab not only for orthotics and prosthetics but rather concentrating on preventing and treating upper and lower extremity, spinal and cervical injuries and disorders. Scientific technology from Belgium is used that has earned more than 90% success rate.

An Orthotist Prosthetist is a highly specialized and skilled member of the medical team who deals with the measuring, designing, manufacturing and fitment of products to support a part of the human body and the manufacturing of custom prosthetics.

We utilize scientific technology from Belgium called the RS FOOTSCAN and Motionquest that has earned more than 90% success rate. The RS FOOTSCAN is a specialized measuring tool that is developed through state-of the-art technology that measures a patient's gait and gives a full diagnostic analysis of problem areas.

Why Choose Us

Our patients happiness are very important
We use state of the art technology, to improve accuracy
We are here do make a difference