Cervical & Spinal
Rigid & Soft Collars

Provides Anteroposterior and Mediolateral support of the cervicle spine.

Posture Brace

Design to improve Posture deficiencies.

Clavicle Brace

Stabilize the Clavicle.

Lumbar Corset

Reinforced wiring at back to prevent back pain Allow minimal movement
in lower back.

Post-op Back Brace

Used as simple bracing for lower
back pain, to complex bracing
for post operation & trauma. Completely adjustable.

Custom TLSO

Casted and Moulded according to body. Postoperative Bracing.

Pregnancy Support

Supportive brace designed
especially for pregnant women
during pregnancy.

Hernia Aid
Abdominal Binder

Available in 3 widths Light weight Used for post operation of hernia
and abdominal surgery.

Hernia Belt

Used for Pre and Post Operation of
an Inguinal herniation.

Upper Extremity

Immobilise arm and shoulder.

Elbow ROM Brace

For initial immobilisation to provide controlled range of movement
during rehabilitation.

Tennis/ Golfers Splint

Used for patients who suffer from either Tennis Elbow or Golfers

Wrist Brace

Immobilises the wrist. Restrict movement of CMC & MCP joints.

Wrist & Thumb Brace

Immobilises the wrist and thumb. Restrict movement of CMC & MCP joints.

Dynamic Hand Splint

Allows for rehabilitation of wrist
hand and fingers Perfect for flexion contractions and other post
operation related conditions.

Moulded Wrist Bracing

Available in a wide variety of
lengths and sizes Immobilises the hand & wrist completely For
fractures and severe injury.

Mallet Splint

Immobilise finger following
reduction of fractures, dislocation etc.

Zimmer Splint

Immobilise finger for fractures, dislocation and open wound injuries.

Lower Extremity
Sports Ankle Brace

Unique dual strap design resists inverion but allows near normal
dorsi-plantar flexion. Ideal for sports

Rigid Ankle Brace

Pulsating compression occurring during activity from the pre-inflated aircells. Ideal for inactive people.


Wide variety from the old Callipers with steel and leather to thermo moulded Backslabs with knee
joints. Perfect for paraplegia, and other lower limb conditions.

Knee ROM Brace

For initial immobilisation to provide cotrolled range of movement during rehabilitation.

Custom Knee braces

Made according to measurements, indicated for highly active people, xtreme sports, severe osteo arthritis etc.

Knee Brace

Covered hinge allows for streamline
fit Unique bent knee design for maximum comfort.


2 Types. Normal and Low Top Alternative to a Cast Supports the
limb with Graduated Compression Removeable for therapy and cleaning.

Night Splint

Used for conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinitis to stretch tendons and ligaments.

Dropfoot Splint

Is effective on patients suffering a variety of foot ailments, providing
static dorsiflexion & lateral stability
for entire foot-ankle area. Carbon
or Plastic.

Custom Innersoles

Shock absorbing Realign foot
Custom support.

Hallux Valgus Splint

Used for Pre- and Post operation Bracing for bunionectomy.

Toe Orthosis

Wide variety to cover the various conditions.

Silicone Heel cups

Provide maximum shock and shear force absorption and dissipation.