Other Appliances

Compression Wear

Available in different compressions For patients suffering from lymphedema, burn wounds and thrombosis.

Cl 2 Comp. Stockings

Graduated compression for DVT, lymphedema and cellulitus.

Travels stockings

Graduated compression for Spider veins and slight circulation problems.

Maternity Wear

Specially designed for Pregnant women, helps to prevent Spider
Veins, Varicose Veins, and swelling which can occur during pregnancy.

Anti-Embolic Stockings

Used for during surgery, helps with blood flow circulation, prevention of blood clots, and reduces swelling.

Sports Compression Wear

mproves blood flow circulation
during sport activities.

Mobility Aid

A wide variety availabe.

4 Wheel Walker

Height adjustable.

Walking Frame

Height adjustable.


Elbow crutches Auxiliary crutches Gutter crutches Smart crutches.

Home Nursing
Memory Foam Overlay

Displaces body weight evenly Heat activated.

Memory Foam Pillow

Displaces body weight evenly Heat activated.


3 Types, Plain Commode,
Commode with Wheels, Commode with Wheelchair wheels.

Toilet Aid

Bed pan, urine bottle, and toilet seat raisers.

Grab Rails

Wide variety in length and shape.

Shower and Bath chair

2 Types: Light and Heavy duty, Quick and easily assembly Removable backrest.